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Feel like sometimes, you just need to take a breath.


It was really very busy last weekend, getting the new gallery show off the ground, but the result was fantastic, and I’ll be posting about it more this week. Now I can go back to doing what I find relaxing. Taking photos, dressing up my avatar, and just being a general goofball.

Pose: *CN* (Chat Noir) pose_1701 (6a) [2ndLevel]

 Dress: Blueberry - Piki Dress [New - In store]
 Shoes: #EMPIRE - Watsonia [not shown]
 Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Long pigtails - Browns 1
 Ring 1: (Yummy) Crystal Bow Ring - Silver
 Ring 2: (Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Ring - Classic Ivory
 Ring 3: EF: Communique Ring v2.0
 Earring: (Yummy) Pave Heart Earring - Silver - White
 Necklace 1: (Yummy) Secondhand Necklace [N21]
 Necklace 2: (Yummy) Unicorn Nameplate - Silver
 Necklace 3: Amala - The Savage Necklace
 Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ear 
 Head: Catwa - Catya
 Tableau Vivant - Cinderella HB Browns [Enchantment]
 Deetalez - Gwendoline (Mixedtype)

Sim: Neverfar

This round of the 2ndLevel event is really good.  And while I am an official blogger for the event, I’m really into poses, so this is an event that I would also shop the heck out of.  I’ve really appreciated the quality of the poses this month, and the added designers are even better than before.  It’s a great little event.  I might have been holding out for the Maitreya update for the hands… and changed my mind and bought the vista ones cause I saw all these bento poses.  Totally laughing at myself.  Don’t even care.

A little product plug… I just saw a post on FB the other day asking what our favorite jewelry was in SL. I have a lot of them, but I’m one of those people that likes to wear the same thing for a while. I find something I really like, and don’t want to take it off. For me, I think one of the main brands of jewelry that I keep going back to over and over… is Yummy. I just love the styles, the metals, the fit, the quality, the price on most items is pretty reasonable. And I’m not a blogger for the brand, it’s just a personal preference. If you haven’t tried anything from them, they would be one that I would say is in my top 5 picks.



“So you’re dressed as Little Bo Peep, who’s going to be your sheep?”


When you’ve lost all the sheep, best to find some unicorns.

XXY - Girls date (3) [2nd Level]

Dress: V.e. Courtney Dress Baby Blue [Rewind]
Shoes: E&O - Tia pumps [2nd Level]
Ring L: (Yummy) Crystal Bow Ring - Silver 
Necklace: (Yummy) Pave Heart - Silver [C88]
Earring: (Yummy) Pave Heart Earring - Silver [C88]
Necklace 2: (Yummy) Unicorn Nameplate - Silver 
Socks: DeadDollz - Parisienne - Nude 
Ring R: EF: Communique Ring v2.0 
Hair: TRUTH HAIR HoneyAna [Group Gift]
Watch: [ kunst ] - Dayton Watch 
Nails: e.marie // NAILS - Glitter Ombre


What’s in a name, really?


With the newest round of 2nd Level around the corner, I know I’ll be doing as many couples/group shots at possible for February!

Valor. To be brave, courageous. To face battle with honor. Pretty weighty word, yes? A friend of mine posted something on facebook yesterday, with obvious frustration at the way he’d been treated by someone else. Rightly so, though the powder keg that can be facebook is a scary place to vent frustration. So remember, “valor” is your word, and let that be your ethos. Nothing else will matter in the end.

 Pose: {V}alor Photography & Poses-Embrace [2nd Level] (Opens the 10th!)

Boots: #EMPIRE - Lobelia [Kustom9 - January]
 Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Happy Mesh Hair - Style 1 [Chapter4]
 Necklace: EF: Talia's Heart Necklace - PURITY [Shop your Heart Out]
 Eyes: ZORA - LOLA EYES - 01
 Watch: [ kunst ] - Dayton Watch
 Ears: Swallow - Shiny Ear
 Lingerie: erratic - valentina - brassiere / noir


Listening to what is going on around you can be like trying to swim through virtual static.


Sometimes I have these moments where so much is going on that I can’t seem to focus on anything. Too many people trying to have a voice at the same time and I’m just hearing static. Ever have one of those days? Overwhelmed by everything, and nothing seems to get done!

Trousers: ED. Narcotic Dope Pant (Sand) [Shiny Shabby]
 Boots: ED. Narcotic Dope (Black) [Shiny Shabby]
 Top: Mimikri - Tank Top / Vega gold
 Hair: TRUTH - JoJo [+Hat] [UBER]
 Necklace: MINIMAL - Doutzen Necklace -Silver
 Necklace: Cae :: Lovebirds :: [Cosmopolitan]
 Ring: (Yummy) Crystal Bow Ring - Silver
 Bracelet: Benjaminz - Skywalker (SILVER)
 Watch: Benjaminz - Skywalker (SILVER)
 Eyes: ZORA - LOLA EYES - 01
 Nails: e.marie - NAILS (Glitter Ombre)
 Applier: DeeTaleZ - Gwendoline (mixedtype)

Pose: Reel Poses - Pack 11 (05)
 Sim: The wastelands

Something to note, if you’ve never been to The Wastelands (It’s like 9 or 10 sims) it’s been there forever. At least 8 or 9 years in SL that I know of. It’s a really cool place, with loads of places to rezz stuff, you can take all the photos you like there, and the thing I love most about it, is the way it’s ever-changing. It’s a series of Post-Apoc RP sims, though RP is not required to hang out there.

One last gasp.


New year, new things.  Or new old things.  I’ve talked a long time about making my blog more personal, more about me, not just about what I wear.  Even many years ago, when I wrote, it was about the clothing.  Never about life.

So I invite you on my journey, a small peek into one life. Depth. Fathom.

One last gasp.

We all at some point suffer loss. The theory of Synchronicity (Carl Jung) says that some events are  “meaningful coincidences.”  I don’t know about that.  But I’m still melancholy over a situation I didn’t see coming, that feels unfair, and that I had very little influence in what the outcome could be.  Sometimes this is life. We don’t always get to choose.

I hope this is one of those, and that for someone, it becomes positive and meaningful.

Until next time,

Aeianna ♥

Dress: [Cynful] Goal Digger Dress – (Dark Grey) [C88]
Hair: Exile: Iron Maiden [C88]
Shoes: REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers – Tippies [C88] (not shown)
Bracelet: Benjaminz – Skywalker (SILVER)
Watch: Benjaminz – Skywalker (SILVER)
Eyes: ZORA – Lola
Piercing: Schadenfreude Heart Dermal Piercing, la baiseuse
Ears: Swallow – Shiny Ear
Nails: e.marie – Nails (Glitter Ombre)
Applier: DeeTaleZ – Gwendoline (mixedtype)

Pose: Le Poppycock – Warm Fuzzies (Sweater Weather)