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Ever been framed?


Seems like everywhere you go in SL there is drama to be had. This one said this… That one said that… Another one denies it all. My goodness. Flickr, FB, SL have all been rife with it lately. Pass the blame, point your finger, so forth and so on. It’s so easy to ignore personal responsibility in a virtual setting. For my own part I am no better, not that I engage, because I do try not to. But I’ll admit to grabbing the popcorn and sometimes, as a guilty pleasure… Enjoying the show. You ever do that?

 .miss chelsea. Nyla Shirt Maitreya Army [Uber]
 :V.e. Helene Pencil Skirt MAITREYA Noir
 #EMPIRE - Jamesia - Maitreya
 Tableau Vivant \\ Cinderella (Browns)
 Ariskea [Black Dahlia] Black Glasses
 Astralia - Galaxy Nails&Rings (Ring finger Crown) [Arcade]
 Astralia - Moon Shine Nails (Vista bento)
 (r)M Pared-Down Ring (L Midi Index, L Midi Middle, R Pinky)
 **RE** Raven Watch A - Female
 [kunst] - Garthwen bracelet / black
 Ysoral - .:Luxe Ring Lynna 8
 Cae :: Queen of Hearts :: Earring
 Headband 3
 [Buzz] Moka Eyes - Ice
 Swallow - Shiny Ear
 DeeTalez - Gwendoline (mixedtype)
 Amara Beauty - Matte lipstick pallet
Pose: Chat Noir - 1711 Bentohand (2a)
Sim: One Caress


We all fall sometimes. It’s our willingness to get up and try again, that makes the difference. And you know… Sometimes the outfit picks the picture.


There are two days left of the 2ndLevel event for the February round. When I saw this pose from serendipity I’d been wanting to use it, and have been waiting for an opportunity. Something to note about the pose is that I flipped my body upside down for the picture. So if you use this pose, your body will be flipped, unless you turn it.

Pose: Serendipity - the dream (2) [2ndLevel Event]
 Addams - Lady Denim Short [New - In Store]
 Addams - Natalie Bra Metal [New - In Store]
 Addams - Natalie Panty Metal [New - In Store]
 PHEDORA / Swan heels
 (Yummy) Crystal Bow Ring - Silver
 (Yummy) Pave Heart Earring - Silver - White
 (Yummy) Secondhand Necklace (Hud Enabled)
 (Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Ring - Classic Ivory
 (Yummy) Unicorn Nameplate - Silver
 Riske - Queen Bee Bracelet Silver
 WarBug Goggles - Small Strap
 [ kunst ] - Dayton Watch
 [Buzz] Moka Eyes - Ice
 Swallow - Shiny Ear
 Tableau Vivant \\ Side pony & locks - Browns
 Catwa - Catya
 Vista - ProHands
 Izzie's - Face & Body Dirt & Mud
 Deetalez - Gwendoline (Mixedtype)
Sim: Junktown

Don’t you love when you have a really good customer service experience in SL? I want to send a special shout out to Izzie Button of Izzie’s. I purchased Izzie’s – Face & Body Dirt & Mud to wear for this photo. For the life of me I couldn’t get it to apply to my vista hands. Turns out I had the tattoo turned off on the vista hands (hud). She got back to me quickly and helped me sort through the problem. Amazing customer service. I was able to get it sorted, and use the product in the way I intended.

Close your eyes.

*coughs and starts singing cheesy Night Ranger song… you know the one! …no, not that one. This One!

Close your eyes.

hahaha. I love couples poses, I take so many pictures, people are always asking me to take photos of them. I must have hundreds of couples poses, and thousands of single poses. It’s an addiction, I’m a pose hoarder.

Sometimes when I’m getting ready to take a shot, my poor partner… “Move, this, change that, you’re heads too large, your eyeballs aren’t tracking right, what do you mean your pixel ass hurts?!, change that shirt, Now you’re too tall…” He’s an amazing man, that thankfully likes to be ordered about…  LMAO

But sometimes, we hop on the pose, and it all comes together. Like magic. Don’t even have to adjust the pose. ♦ding♦ding♦ding  Photography in SL is one of my most favorite things, I get giddy when I’ve done something new or better, or learned a new trick in photoshop.  I hope everyone has something that gives them that feeling.

Pose: RM ~ Art Of Poses ~ You my drug [2nd Level]

Dress: [Canimal] Nomine Navy Lara [N21]
Earrings: (Yummy) Pave Heart Earring - Silver - White (R) 
Ring: (Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Ring - Classic Ivory 
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Wrap up - Browns
Watch: [ kunst ] - Dayton Watch [F] 
Ears: Swallow - Shiny Ear 
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya 

Sweater: [Deadwool] Andrew cardigan - dark grey [Signature Event]
Head: CATWA HEAD Justin 
Earring: Yummy - Earring (Gold)


Feel like sometimes, you just need to take a breath.


It was really very busy last weekend, getting the new gallery show off the ground, but the result was fantastic, and I’ll be posting about it more this week. Now I can go back to doing what I find relaxing. Taking photos, dressing up my avatar, and just being a general goofball.

Pose: *CN* (Chat Noir) pose_1701 (6a) [2ndLevel]

 Dress: Blueberry - Piki Dress [New - In store]
 Shoes: #EMPIRE - Watsonia [not shown]
 Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Long pigtails - Browns 1
 Ring 1: (Yummy) Crystal Bow Ring - Silver
 Ring 2: (Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Ring - Classic Ivory
 Ring 3: EF: Communique Ring v2.0
 Earring: (Yummy) Pave Heart Earring - Silver - White
 Necklace 1: (Yummy) Secondhand Necklace [N21]
 Necklace 2: (Yummy) Unicorn Nameplate - Silver
 Necklace 3: Amala - The Savage Necklace
 Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ear 
 Head: Catwa - Catya
 Tableau Vivant - Cinderella HB Browns [Enchantment]
 Deetalez - Gwendoline (Mixedtype)

Sim: Neverfar

This round of the 2ndLevel event is really good.  And while I am an official blogger for the event, I’m really into poses, so this is an event that I would also shop the heck out of.  I’ve really appreciated the quality of the poses this month, and the added designers are even better than before.  It’s a great little event.  I might have been holding out for the Maitreya update for the hands… and changed my mind and bought the vista ones cause I saw all these bento poses.  Totally laughing at myself.  Don’t even care.

A little product plug… I just saw a post on FB the other day asking what our favorite jewelry was in SL. I have a lot of them, but I’m one of those people that likes to wear the same thing for a while. I find something I really like, and don’t want to take it off. For me, I think one of the main brands of jewelry that I keep going back to over and over… is Yummy. I just love the styles, the metals, the fit, the quality, the price on most items is pretty reasonable. And I’m not a blogger for the brand, it’s just a personal preference. If you haven’t tried anything from them, they would be one that I would say is in my top 5 picks.

My Heart.

He is a main focus of my SL, and I carry him with me, always.

My Heart.

Some things fit, just right. And that makes my world a better place. Thank you.

Pose: Gemposes - Just married [2nd Level]

Outfit (Her):
 Dress: Dead Dollz - The Bride Gown (white) [Crossroads]
 Hair: Tableau Vivant - Cinderella w/ Tiara (Browns) [Enchantment]
 Ring 1: (Yummy) Crystal Bow Ring - Silver
 Earring: (Yummy) Pave Heart Earring - Silver - White [C88]
 Bracelet: (Yummy) Pearl & Diamond Bracelet
 Ring 2: (Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Ring - Classic Ivory
 Bouquet: Astralia - Callas wedding (Bride Bouquet) RARE [Crossroads]
 Ears: Swallow - Shiny Ears
 Nails: e.marie // OVAL Longer
 Head: Catwa - Catya
 Tableau Vivant - Cinderella Catwa HB - Browns [Enchantment]
 DeeTalez - Gwendoline (Mixedtype)

Outfit (him):
 Glasses: (epia) - 'Rolmaster' Glasses
 Hair: DOUX - Mikey Hairstyle (B&W) [TMD]
 Suit: [Deadwool] The Dandy (grey)
 Head: Catwa - Justin
 Appliers: Akool - Elroy (Pale)