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Censored @ Cinema! & New Glam Affair!

I just keep finding things from Cinema that I can’t wait to show off.  I think I might even have one or two more posts planned! Crazy, I know.  Censored has come out with these really hot little short sets that I am just in love with.  It’s not my normal everyday type attire, and with Halloween hijinks happening all over, I just had to put together a bit of a darker look!


As soon as I got the group notice from Glam Affair I was headed over there for a few of these “Dark side” skins.  This one is Ginny 02 and I am in love! The close up below is edited quite a bit, but shows the beautiful detail of the markings on the face.  The uber pale tone and gorgeous details, make these skins absolute must-haves for me!  I’m sure I’ll be going back for the rest of them.


Style Card:

  • Overall: Censored – Alice overall (Lace 2) (Cinema)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Dark side (Ginny 02) (NEW!)
    Hair: Boon – KOM372 (Chestnut)
    Hair: Boon – GURA21 (Chestnut)
    Eyes: Avid – Blue Mist
    Jewelry: Rozoregalia – Hydra
    Belt: Blitzed – Bug Belt
    Boots: Leverocci – Ava OTK Book (Nero)
    Tattoo: Para Designs – Timeless Tattoo
    Nails: Synthetique – Color Tactics
  • Pose: exposeur – Classic Elegance (Cinema)

You think you know me.

Sometimes a thought inspires me to make an outfit.

Isn’t that the way in SL?  We meet people, get close in what seems to be time warp.  But how well do we really know each other?  I’m pretty open with some things…  like being from NY (Not the city like the pic, but if I showed you a field and a bunch of cows…  it wouldn’t really scream NY to anyone).  Some things are more trivial…  Like you rarely see me wear tattoos in SL, because it seems foreign to me that they can be removed and changed like clothing.  I’m heavily tattooed in FL (complete sleeve on one leg) and…  even if I had the 20-30k to remove them, no way would I even think about it.

So how well do you know your friends here?

I also have a thing for Mexican Sugar Skulls.  Dia de los Muertos.  I don’t know why, but I have for years.  So when I went to [NV] to grab these great mesh shorts (Soley, shown in teal)… I had to have this Day of the Dead tank too!  What’s really nice about these shorts, it that they are a good low-rise and fit my AV well. (Remember to try the demo!)

Shopping the marketplace for the right shoes I came across these cargo boots from Energie.  I have about 20 pairs of lace up boots…  some even have socks.  But these looked to be really nice, and I loved the color change options.  I wasn’t disappointed at all!  The quality is fantastic, and I would point them out to anyone that asked me where to find a similar boot.

Style Card

  • Top: [NV] – Day of the Dead tank (White)
  • Shorts: [NV] – Soley Shorts (Teal)
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Roza (Summer2)
  • Hair: Catwa – Nada (Fire Red)
  • Glasses: GOS – Intuition
  • Necklace: League – Coin Collector (style 2)
  • Earrings: [Aura] – Dia de los Muertos (Overcast)
  • Bracelet: Mandala – Hokusai (Blue)
  • Boots: Energie – Cargo Boots
  • Face Tattoo: Little Pricks – Tell me a story face tattoo
  • Body Tattoo: Para Designs – Timeless Tattoo
  • Nails: Synthetique: Color Tactics (Greens to Blues)

Mesh Around – Sakide

Wow is the Mesh Around Hunt going strong and in full steam.  I thought today, I’d grab Maci and I’d show you one (really two!) of my favorite sweet dresses!  The Night and Day gift from Sakide!

This is the sweet floral print Daytime dress.  A lot of extras with this gift including Shoes (Not shown) for both dresses!  The skin I am wearing here is the limited addition Mia skin from Glam Affair for the CHIC2 event!  It’s so stunning!

This is the Night time version in sexy black and modeled by our gorgeous cupcake Maci.

But that’s not all!  I’d love to call your attention to these sexy, sultry, summery PINK nails!  These are not a part of the hunt, but they are the newest release by Synthetique.  15 Gorgeous shades of pinks on one hud!  You know a really cool thing about Synthetique nails?  If you already own a pair, and buy a second, you don’t need to remove the nails and put the new ones on.  And Synthetique hud will work with the Synthetique nails you’re wearing.  So convenient.  This is my favorite brand of nails now, and I don’t wear anything else!

Style Cards:

Joie (Pic one)
Dress: Sakide – Romantic Day dress  (Mesh Around)
Skin: Glam Affair – Mia (Natural)  (CHIC2)
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Shiki (Cinnamon)
Shoes: Leverocci – OTK Boot (Python, pearl)
Jewelry: Earthstones – Genie Set (Moonstone)
Nails: Synthetique – Color Tactic Series (Pinks)

Dress: Sakide – Seductive Night Dress (Mesh Around)
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah – Natural
Hair: Magika – Calm
Boots: Slink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots – Black
Necklace: – .HoD. – The Crosary – Female
Brass Knuckles: Epic Arsenal – Brass Knuckles – Black
*BLITZED* Chorus bracelet – Black
Piercing: [-iPoke-] Morse
Tattoo: Para Designs Invictus – Med
Nails: Synthetique – Gunmetals Colour Tactics
Make-up: Izzie’s – Glitter Eye Make-Up – Smoke

Hunter or hunted?

So last night I went to this great themed dance at my favorite hangout place “The D.” It was The Vampire Ball (each week has a different theme.) So as I started putting together my outfit I had to decide was I going to be a vampire or a vampire hunter?

Now some people like to buy complete costumes off of the marketplace, or in shops, which is cool.  But I’m the type that likes to start from the ground up.  In my search for something hot and yet fitting the theme I dropped by Bare Rose.  They have a whole wall of mesh!  Who Knew?!  Now Bare Rose is an awesome place to find really original and well made clothing dirt cheap.  RP’ers and fans of Cosplay have known this for years.  This mesh open shirt could be worn in a lot of ways, not just for a party.

Style Card:

Shirt: Bare Rose – Open Shirts
Shorts: League – Frayed Denim (black)
Bra: Blow Up – Yvette (Black)
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah (Contesina)
Hair: LOQ – Brownie (Jet Black)
Belt: Pepper – Andavi (Black)
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – All from the Midnight Silver Treasure Box!
Nails: MStyle – Perfect Longest Nails (Red)
Tattoo: Para Designs – Tatsu (Medium)
Make-up –
Eyesshadow: Nuuna’s – V3 (No 9)
Eyeliner: A&M – Black Eyeliner (Excessive pack, Feline)
Lipstick: Glam Affair – Layla (Risque)
Boots: L&B – Lace up platform boots (Brushed black)
Thigh Strap: DRD – vampire hunter