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Collabor88 does it up retro style!

*Walks into the May round of Collabor88, BUYS ALL THE THINGS*  Seriously, I think I bought some of everything.


This round has everything, hair, skins, clothing, jewelry, furniture…  All the things retro a girl could need.  Tee*fy makes a fantastic showing with the really cute little knotted shirt that I had to pick up in a few colors, Hucci… Hucci has done something that no other shoe maker has convinced me to do…  buy the slink feet.  I’ve been avoiding it, refusing to buy shoes because of it, and not really interested in it at all.  How many pairs of mesh feet does a girl need anyway?  But these shoes, are the bomb.  Shoes.  88L. Feet. 675L. Perfect outfit? Priceless.


And what’s a blog post without a fetching accessory?  Today we have the lovely Raven showing off all of her girlie goodness by bringing me a milkshake in the cutest dress by katat0nik and shoes by Half-Deer.  My curve hugging dress is by Milk Motion, and again, had to buy multiple colors in this beauty!


Sometimes, you hold onto something special in your inventory, just in case you might need it.  Over the years, I was always a huge fan of AM Radio’s builds, and saved every gift from his installations.  The car…  1948 American, was one of those gifts.  So to wherever you are now AM, thank you again for all you have given to SL.

Look One:
Skin: Glam Affair – Coral (America 01) (Collabor88)
Hair: Truth – Thelma (Reds) (Collabor88)
Shirt: Tee*fy – Laura unbuttoned knotted shirt (Mint) (Collabor88)
Pants: Ricielli – Spiked Jeans (Extra light blue) (TDR Fusion)
Shoes: Hucci – Pinup Peep (Mint) (Collabor88)
Hands: Slink – Casual
Feet – Slink – High

Look Two:
Skin: Glam Affair – Coral (America 01) (Collabor88)
Hair: Lamb – Cry Baby (Bloods Pack) (Collabor88)
Dress: Milk Motion – Pin up dress (Pink) (Collabor88)
Shoes: Hucci – Pinup Peep (Spring) (Collabor88)
Necklace: Junbug – Perles de la Mer (Pure Silver)
Hands: Slink – Casual
Feet – Slink – High

The Accessory (aka Raven):
Skin: Esode  – Kate (Ginger)
Hair: Ploom  – Chelsea (Blonde pack)
Dress: katat0nik  – Diner Dress (Pink) (Collabor88)
Shoes: Half-Deer+  – Milkshake Pumps (Strawberry) (Collabor88)
Circlet *~*HopScotch*~*   – Luna (Gold Rainbow)
Milkshake tray: *EverGlow*   – Waitress


ColdLogic does retro!

ColdLogic has just last week had a massive new release….  So it’s been burning up the blog rolls, and this is some of cutest retro styling around! From the cherries to  the bright inviting colors.  Denim capris and halter tops heading right on into the warm summer!

Like a step back into the past we head to the kitchen to see what’s in the fridge.  Of course that was after all the prepping and primping getting our outfits just right.  I am in love, love, love with these dresses.  And the cherries on Maci’s dress just pop!

Ok, so this is Maci and I…  and we do always seem to find ourselves in some compromising position.  Mainly because we both have nearly every pose Glitterati has ever produced and rarely a chance to use them!

The texturing on the new capris is awesome!  ColdLogic tends to fit both Maci and I very well, but remember individual results, will depend on your shape, so try the Demos!

Style Cards:

Pic one and two:

Joie (On Left)
Dress: ColdLogic – Gish – Black
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah – Natural
Hair: Truth – Kirby – Jupiter
Shoes: PixelMode – Baby T’s – Red
Jewelry: Artilleri – Double cherry set
Nails: Synthetique Color Tactics Series – Reds

Maci (On Right)
Dress: ColdLogic – Drew – White
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah – Natural
Hair: [e] – Indulge – Blonde 02
Shoes: Hucci – Kayla Pumps – Moonshine
Necklace: Je Suis – Sophistique
Nails: Synthetique Color Tactics Series – Reds

Picture three:

Maci (on Left)
Top: ColdLogic – Laurie – Snow
Capris: ColdLogic – Dee – Pitch
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah – Natural
Hair: Shag –  Cherie – Powder
Shoes: PixelMode –  Baby T’s – Red
Necklace: Izzie’s –  50’s Pearl Necklace – Red
Nails: Synthetique Color Tactics Series – Reds

Joie (on Right)
Top: ColdLogic – Lockhart – Cyan
Capris: ColdLogic – Wells – Dawn
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah – Natural
Hair: [e] – Locked – Red
Shoes: Skifija – Lady Night – Pink
Nails: Synthetique Color Tactics Series – Reds

Lisp Bazaar – Mermaids & Salty Dogs Kitchen set (C88)
Artilleri – Diner Table & Chair

Collabor88…. organic bliss!

The new Colabor88 is out and the pallet is stunning.  Gorgeous colors, soft lines, and a natural flow.

This short set from Hucci called the “Heritage Romper” is gorgeous.  It’s shown in cockatoo, it’s a brilliant turquoise color.  The necklace and earrings are from Earthstones called “Neisha”, shown in Sugilite/turquoise.  The shoes from R2 are called “Mele” also shown in turquoise.  It’s such a beautiful group of offerings in perfect colors this time around, so worth the trip to C88!

The “Organic Silk Dress” from League (Shown in White) has a great crisp feel to it, worn here with the Yummy “Agate” slice necklace.

Style Card:

Picture One:
Short set: Hucci – cockatoo (C88 Event)
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen
Hair: [e] – Abbey (Red08)
Jewelry: Earthstones – Neisha (Sugilite/Turquoise) (C88 Event)
Shoes: R2 – Mele (Turquoise) (C88 Event)

Picture Two –
Dress: League – Organic Silk Dress (white) (C88 Event)
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen
Hair: Truth – Brenna (Jupiter)
Jewelry: Yummy – Agate Slice (C88 Event)
Shoes: Similar – Sorrento (White)