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One last gasp.


New year, new things.  Or new old things.  I’ve talked a long time about making my blog more personal, more about me, not just about what I wear.  Even many years ago, when I wrote, it was about the clothing.  Never about life.

So I invite you on my journey, a small peek into one life. Depth. Fathom.

One last gasp.

We all at some point suffer loss. The theory of Synchronicity (Carl Jung) says that some events are  “meaningful coincidences.”  I don’t know about that.  But I’m still melancholy over a situation I didn’t see coming, that feels unfair, and that I had very little influence in what the outcome could be.  Sometimes this is life. We don’t always get to choose.

I hope this is one of those, and that for someone, it becomes positive and meaningful.

Until next time,

Aeianna ♥

Dress: [Cynful] Goal Digger Dress – (Dark Grey) [C88]
Hair: Exile: Iron Maiden [C88]
Shoes: REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers – Tippies [C88] (not shown)
Bracelet: Benjaminz – Skywalker (SILVER)
Watch: Benjaminz – Skywalker (SILVER)
Eyes: ZORA – Lola
Piercing: Schadenfreude Heart Dermal Piercing, la baiseuse
Ears: Swallow – Shiny Ear
Nails: e.marie – Nails (Glitter Ombre)
Applier: DeeTaleZ – Gwendoline (mixedtype)

Pose: Le Poppycock – Warm Fuzzies (Sweater Weather)


Wicked Game

Wicked Game


Top: Erratic – Janelle (Pretty as fuck)
Shorts: Blueberry – Elina (Sky)
Hair: Exile – Wicked Game [FLF]
Shoes: Reign – Summer Flip Flops
Pose: Lalochezia – Somewhere 1

Sweater weather.

Monochromatic Fair starts with a bang!

The Monochromatic Fair opened today, and like the shopaholic I am…  I went there as soon as I logged in.  I spent a lot of time and Lindens supporting content creators!  hehehe  So, you can plan on seeing quite a few posts this week from the fair!


I know this dress from Avisage, isn’t monochromatic, but…  plaid.  So, it’s a win.  And these shoes…. omg these shoes from Azoury.  These shoes are spectacular.  The detail and design are absolutely phenomenal.  They use the JD feet rather than the slink feet, which in my book is also a win.  Nothing against the slink ones…  I just have a preference for the JD feet.  I hope more shoe makers will start using these feet!

In other news…  Maxi Gossamer is having an Easter Sale!  Several items are 50% off while two unmarked items are 75% off!  She also has some specials along with a freebie at the monochromatic fair.

The look:

Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
Hair: Exile – London Rain (Rust)
Dress: Avisage – Cowel Neck Dress (Beige Check) The Monochromatic Fair
Shoes: Azoury – Shiva Heels (Midnight) The Monochromatic Fair
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Karina Court
Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer – Sparkly Pearl Cuff (Gold)
Ring L: Maxi Gossamer – La Cerlique (Gold)
Ring R: Le Primitif – Heart Ring, Owl Ring
Glasses: [GOS] – Intuition
Hands: Slink – Elegant1
Feet: JD – My Feet

Tomorrow, Today.

When times are hard, you do what you can to help others.  When need presents itself you roll up your sleeves and offer aid.  I practice this in my first life and as much as I can in my SL.  And while not every resident can have or needs a special fundraiser to help them with something personally devastating, occasionally such need does come along, and it is at these times we renew our faith in each other in some small measure.

Matchbook Monday, the maker of Amorous Jewelry and Accessories has asked for community support and aid to help her obtain a very costly dental procedure that may end years of continual costly dental work that has been personally and emotionally exhausting.

And so was born Tomorrow, Today. Held during the month of November, many great talents have come together and donated time and their professional work in hopes that some of you will come, shop and lend a hand.

Here are some of the awesome finds:


Featured: Asymmetrical Sweater and Cuffed Skinny Jeans by [trs]. Necklaces by Amorous.


Featured: Sassy! Flaunt Dress, Flaunt – Freedom Leg Tattoo, Jewelry by Amorous.


Featured: Eyes by IKon, Marilyn dress by Sugar & Cyanide, Jewelry by Amorous. Pose by WetCat.

I hope you will be moved to check out the beautiful sim, shop some, and show your support for this fantastic designer.

Style Cards:

  • Top: [trs] – Asymm Knit (Grey/Cyan) (Tomorrow, Today)
    Jeans: [trs] – Skinnies (Light Wash) (Tomorrow, Today)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (Americas)
    Hair: Exile – Your Winter (Rust)
    Glasses: GOS – Intuition
    Necklace 1: Amorous – Not your granny’s Necklace
    Necklace 2: Amorous – Splender Solis (Tomorrow, Today)
    Shoes: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s (Dew)
  • Dress: Sassy! – Flaunt (White) (Tomorrow, Today)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (Americas)
    Hair: Truth – Swift (Jupiter)
    Jewelry: Amorous – Splender Solis (Tomorrow, Today)
    Shoes: Redgrave – Lilly
  • Dress: Sugar & Cyanide – Marilyn (Flint) (Tomorrow, Today)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (Americas)
    Eyes: IKON – Kaleido Eyes (Crystal) (Tomorrow, Today)
    Hair: Truth – Dawson (Jupiter)
    Jewelry: Amorous – Suki (Tomorrow, Today)
    Shoes: Redgrave – Lilly

New comfy casuals @ Maitreya!

Just a quick post before moving on to some great goodies for the week!  I couldn’t let this release go by without blogging it.  Maitreya has just released some wonderful casuals yesterday! I am in love with this sweet comfy dress! The colors are perfect for fall.  The hair is one of the newest from Exile, and is a really fun flowing style.


Style Card:

  • Dress: Maitreya – Milia (Honey) (NEW!)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (Americas)
    Hair: Exile – Untouched (Rust) (NEW!)
    Tights: MStyle – Leopard Tights
    Necklace 1: Tresor –  Alphabet Toggle Neckalce (J)
    Necklace 2: Lassitude & Ennui – Scorpio Necklace (Silver, Green) (Zodiac)
    Boots: Kookie – Armarda Long (Noir)

Fair opens with Style and Flair!

Hello Everyone! I’ve been working on a HUGE post for you the last few days.  I hope you will enjoy it.  I was so impressed by this new event, that I wanted to give it and the creators some good time and space.

A new monthly event called Fair has just opened.  It’s being brought to the grid by Chic Management SL, the same group which brings events like the Vintage Fair and the popular With Love, Again Hunt.

“On September 22nd CHIC Management will open the doors to its new monthly event. The event will focus on a theme of time, each designer being inspired by one of the 24 hours in a day.  After September the event will open on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Each month we will try to include clothing, poses, mens products, skins, hair, furnishings, jewelry and hopefully one day shoes too, so that there is a broad range of product types.” via the Chic Management Website.


Apple May’s sizzling “Men’s Shirt” for ladies is a great way to open any event!  This is so sexy, I really didn’t want to take it off. Tromp Loeil’s Morning Light Cupboard bed is just a stunning must have piece of furniture.  It comes in either a PG or Adult version, and the animations are smooth and well done.  As a bonus, the textures match some of the Baroque Benches from the Arcade Gatcha Event also going on now.


Baiastice has long been one of my favorite designers.  The Perla Tops and Diane capri style trousers are sophisticated and clean, the colors are all beautiful, I had such a hard time choosing.


This Purple Moon dress is so beautiful it has to have two pictures (It could be a blog entry on its own!) called Meryl it is sleek, feminine, sexy, and just gorgeous. I’m sure I could find about 30 more fitting adjectives but you get the idea!


I don’t normally show the backside of outfits, but I just loved how the picture came out.  And doing photos of gowns is not my strong point, even as much as I love to wear them.


Valentina E Couture has some of the best flair.  Each new style brings something unexpected and interesting.  This checkered taxi dress is no exception.  I love the high neckline and the detail of the side slit pockets being slightly open is unusual, adding more drama to this fun dress!

*Style Cards*

  • Outfit One:
    Shirt: Apple May – His Place (Classic White) (Fair)
    Lingerie: Blow Pop – Yvette (White)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
    Hair: Truth – Guinevere (Jupiter) (NEW!)
    Socks: Maitreya – Scrunched Socks
    Jewelry: Tresor – Heart Toggle Necklace & Bracelet (Silver)
    Glasses: GOS – Intuition
    Nails: Synthetique – Cotton Candy
  • Outfit Two:
    Top: Baiastice – Perla (Pistakio) (Fair)
    Pants: Baiastice – Diane Cropped Trousers (Pistakio) (Fair)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
    Hair: Exile – She’s So Mean (Rust) (NEW!)
    Jewelry: Maubray – Ari Studded Gold Cuff (pink beads) (Arcade)
    Glasses: GOS – Intuition
    Shoes: N-Core – Lulu (Black)
    Nails: Synthetique – Cotton Candy
  • Outfit Three:
    Dress: Purple Moon – Meryl (Peach) (Fair)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
    Hair: D!va – Manon Type A (Garnet)
    Necklace – Tresor – Heart Toggle necklace (Gold)
    Shoes – N-Core – Lulu (Black)
    Nails: Synthetique – Cotton Candy
  • Outfit Four:
    Dress: Valentina E – Taxi Dress (Checkered) (Fair)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
    Hair: CaTwa – Amanda (Firered)
    Ring: Shakeup – Vintage Ring 19 (Arcade)
    Earrings: U&R Dogs – Daphnis (Fair)
    Stole: Schadenfreude – Foxy Stole (Black) (Arcade)
    Boots: Slink – Leather Thigh High Boots (Black)
    Nails: Synthetique – Cotton Candy

Mon Tissue on a lazy Sunday…

Sometimes you need a casual Sunday.  Mon Tissu’s Spade blouse and Nora skinny jeans fit the bill.  I love just about everything Mon Tissu releases lately and just find myself wearing these items over and over.  I’m hoping to pull a few surprises out of my inventory to show you over the next few weeks as I try to focus on clearing out.


Style Card:

  • Top: Mon Tissu – Spade Blouse (Golden Garden)
    Jeans: Mon Tissu – Nora skinny jeans (Light)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
    Hair: Exile – Sea of Love (Rust)
    Earrings: Tresor – Heart Drop Earrings (Gold)
    Shoes: Monso – My Fabric Oxford
    Nails – Synthetique – Fab Free 5

Valentina E. is in the Plaid!

It’s no secret that I love plaid.  Almost as much as sugar skulls.  But finding a good plaid in SL, that looks good on my AV can at times be frustrating.  But this new release by Valentine E. Couture is a gem!

The “Strapless Bow Dress” is saucy and sophisticated at the same time, I love the belt/bow detail And the bottom edging that pulls out the color of the plaid.  This is win all the way.  I’ve paired it with Skifija’s new Black Sting Boots. Sleek, thigh high leather with a nice pointed toe and hidden zipper detailing.

Style Card:

Gabriel’s new summer hotness!

Gabriel has just released some hot new dresses this week, and I couldn’t wait to show you my favorite one.

The Mesh Casual Dress has a great bunched up, gathered look to it that comes across as sweet and slightly naughty.  I love the blue color and the movement of the dress.  As always try the demo!

Style Card: