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Blue Bells.

Blue Bells.


Post featuring poses from the: 2ndLevel

Dress: *GF* Winter Princess Gown [WSF Exclusive]
Hair: Boon – Lab.011
Applier: DeeTaleZ – Gwendoline (mixedtype)

Pose: Luane’s World Poses A memory at the 2ndLevel [Event Gift!]

Sim: Luanes Magical World


Summertime Sadness

Summertime Sadness


Top: Mimikri – Off the shoulder top (nado)
Shorts: Blueberry – Cossy (blue)
Hair: Boon – TUN247
Necklaces: Cae – Fibonacci
Cae: Crack in space and tim
Ama: Dreams
Cae: Queen of Hearts
Earrings: Earthstones – Madison pear earrings
Bracelets: Cae – Mantra (Strength)
Rings: Plastik – Armore
Kibitz – Amisa

Casual Sunday…

Sundays tend to be pretty laid back for me.  Casual clothes, hanging out in a comfortable place, enjoying friends, going to discussion events.  If you’re a fan of 50L Fridays…  you might have seen these great sandals from Pure Poison.  Totally my pick of the week.



Another really great shop on the 50L tour was Consignment and Valiant.  The item they had isn’t shown here, but the fantastic chair I am sitting on is from them.  Great animations, beautiful textures and oh so perfect for my land!  (Oh…  and Dante…  I got the adult ones, you can totes come over and borrow them, it’s cool.)

The Look:

Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
Hair: Boon – YNO421 (Chestnut – Recolored)
Bangs: Boon – GURA21 (Chestnut – Recolored)
Top: Coco – Ruffle Shirt (White)
Bottoms: Maitreya – Slim Boyfriend Jeans (Dark)
Necklace: tea.s – Eden’s Necklace (Silver)
Watch: Mandala – Sitennoah
Glasses: [GOS] – Intuition
Shoes: Pure Poison – Lisa Sandals (Slink feet required!)
Feet: Slink – Women’s Natural Bare Feet

Censored @ Cinema! & New Glam Affair!

I just keep finding things from Cinema that I can’t wait to show off.  I think I might even have one or two more posts planned! Crazy, I know.  Censored has come out with these really hot little short sets that I am just in love with.  It’s not my normal everyday type attire, and with Halloween hijinks happening all over, I just had to put together a bit of a darker look!


As soon as I got the group notice from Glam Affair I was headed over there for a few of these “Dark side” skins.  This one is Ginny 02 and I am in love! The close up below is edited quite a bit, but shows the beautiful detail of the markings on the face.  The uber pale tone and gorgeous details, make these skins absolute must-haves for me!  I’m sure I’ll be going back for the rest of them.


Style Card:

  • Overall: Censored – Alice overall (Lace 2) (Cinema)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Dark side (Ginny 02) (NEW!)
    Hair: Boon – KOM372 (Chestnut)
    Hair: Boon – GURA21 (Chestnut)
    Eyes: Avid – Blue Mist
    Jewelry: Rozoregalia – Hydra
    Belt: Blitzed – Bug Belt
    Boots: Leverocci – Ava OTK Book (Nero)
    Tattoo: Para Designs – Timeless Tattoo
    Nails: Synthetique – Color Tactics
  • Pose: exposeur – Classic Elegance (Cinema)

Zodiac opens with a Rawr!

Just a quicky today to give you all my favorite buy of the day!   Zodiac is a new monthly themed event put on by The Hottie Cooterati Experience.  The first round is Leo and it’s full of good quality designers.

I bought a few things, but I think my two favorites were this great mesh skirt from Elymode called Leoness and the Wild poses by Glitterati.  The skirt comes in a bunch of eye popping colors and is totally cute.  It is mesh, so remember the demo!

Style Card

  • Top: Cynful – Meljo (White)
  • Skirt: Elymode – Leoness (blue/green) (Zodiac)
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Roza (Natural)
  • Hair 1: Boon – YNO421 (Chestnut – Colored)
  • Hair 2: Boon – GURA21 (Chestnut – Colored)
  • Necklace: Tee*fy – Wooden Bow Necklace (White) (TDRB)
  • Bracelet: Mandala – Hokusai Cuff (Blue)
  • Nails: Synthetique (Ultimate French)

Pose – Glitterati: Wild 4 (Zodiac)

Schadenfreude steals the show.

So…  my very most favorite thing at this round of Collabor88 are the color field dresses from Schadenfreude.  They are bold, they fit well and they are all inspired by and named after some kick ass artists.  There are 8 different styles to choose from.

The Mondrian Dress

The Newman Dress

The Judd Dress.

The Bush Dress.

Style Cards

The Mondrian Dress:

  • Dress: Schadenfreude – Mondrian Color Field Dress
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Mia (Natural)
  • Hair: Truth – Kirby (Jupiter)
  • Jewelry: Mandala – Pearl Rain Season 2 (Black Maple)
  • Shoes: Similar – Siena (Black Pat)
  • Glasses: GOS – Intuiton
  • Nails: Synthetique – Colors Tactics (Reds)

The Newman Dress:

  • Dress: Schadenfreude – Newman Color Field Dress
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Mia (Natural)
  • Hair: Lamb – Little Star (Rotton Carrot)
  • Jewelry: Mandala – Pearl Rain Season 2 (Black Maple)
  • Shoes: Similar – Siena (Black Pat)
  • Glasses: GOS – Intuiton
  • Nails: Synthetique – Colors Tactics (Reds)

The Judd Dress:

  • Dress: Schadenfreude – The Judd Color Field Dress
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Mia (Natural)
  • Hair: Boon – Hair attachment
  • Jewelry: Mandala – Pearl Rain Season 2 (Black Maple)
  • Shoes: Similar – Siena (Black Pat)
  • Glasses: GOS – Intuiton
  • Nails: Synthetique – Colors Tactics (Reds)

The Bush Dress:

  • Dress: Schadenfreude – The Bush Color Field Dress
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Mia (Natural)
  • Hair: [e] – Locaked (Red08)
  • Jewelry: Mandala – Pearl Rain Season 2 (Black Maple)
  • Shoes: Similar – Siena (Black Pat)
  • Glasses: GOS – Intuiton
  • Nails: Synthetique – Colors Tactics (Reds)

Newness from Valentina E. Couture

Valentina E. Couture has come out with a stunning new dress called Bombshell, and that’s exactly how it looks!  Adeep cleavage revealing neckline combined a gossamer like over dress that gives it a soft shimmery feel.  I love that the under-dress can be worn alone as well, to make it even more versatile.

Style Card

CHIC² Preview!

On June 4, 2012 CHIC Management celebrates its 2nd birthday.  To celebrate they are holding a special event entitled CHIC²  with 150 of SL’s best loved designers.  “Each brand will have one new and exclusive (for the duration of the event) item with the theme of CHIC” (CHIC press release) and the event runs from the 3rd of June until the 24th.

Here is a small preview of what will be offered.

This new release from ColdLogic is a sweet and sassy strapless dress, sure to be one of my summer favorites.  It’s brand new for the event!

This newest release by Valentina E. Couture is called “Garbo” and comes in gorgeous rich colors.  This dress is a must have and can be worn with or without the sleeves.

The skin in both pictures is the newest from Al Vulo! called Baba2.  I’ve never worn Al Vulo skin before and this is so beautiful. 

(I’ll add in links tomorrow – Super tired!)

Style Cards:

Picture One
Dress:ColdLogic – Moody (Sageblossom) (CHIC² )
Skin: Al Vulo! – Baba2 (Sucre) (CHIC² )
Hair: [e] – Redturn (Red 08)
Shoes: Maitreya – YaXkin (fatpack *note – straps photoshopped pink to match the dress!*)
Jewelry Maxi Gossamer – pearl necklace combo (Pink)
Eyeshadow: Pekka – Classy eyeshadow with liner (Grass) (CHIC²)

Picture Two
Dress: ValentinaE – Garbo (Bottle Green) (CHIC² )
Skin: Al Vulo! – Baba2 (Sucre) (CHIC² )
Hair: Boon – TUN247 (Chestnut)
Shoes: Similar – Siena (Black Patent)
Jewelry Muse – Drapped Pearl Necklace (Black)
Eyeshadow: Pekka – Classy eyeshadow with liner (Grass) (CHIC²)

Culture Shock – Ladies who Lunch

Culture Shock is back and in full swing!  This years charity is Médecins Sans Frontières (Formerly Doctors without Borders) and you can read more about the event at Chic Management’s website.  I have a few posts planned (Finals in RL allowing) and hope to highlight some favorites, as well as some designers new to me!  And wow what Maci has planned!

Today’s spotlight is on Ladies Who Lunch. Known for couture styling and intricate details this is one brand where style never takes a break.  The Deconstructed Jumper is made of multiple mesh pieces which works really well.  I like to see designers use this technique more and more.  It’s like the best of prims working together with mesh.

The prop used here for both pictures is from Glitterati.  It’s simply titles Hallway and contains 10 different poses.  Katey Coppola of Glitterati (and all involved) did a fantastic job with this years pose fair, and I already can’t wait till next! 

Style Notes:

Dress: LWL – Deconstructed Jumper
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah (Natural)
Hair: Boon – TUN247 (Chestnut)
Earrings: Mandala – Pearl Rain (Salt Blue)
Feet: Similar – Mesh feet

Prop: Glitterati – Hallway

ColdLogic puts the heat in summer!

The new ColdLogic came out a few days ago, and I have been dying to post it to you! (Damn papers and exams!)  They have a number of new items, and I have put together two simple summer looks that made me feel cool!

The “Gassel” trousers are form fitting and sleek. They have a beautiful almost corduroy soft texture to them, which is not showing well in the pic (This one is nearly raw, no filters added) The tied up T-shirt is one of my new all-time faves.  It’s called “Flynn” and has just the perfect amount of curve to it.

They’ve made some gorgeous new colors to the capris and added a beautiful stitch detailing to this release.  The capris called “Brooks” are in blue and the soft flowing tunic is called “Andersen” in yellows.  This top is gorgeous on, and wears so well.

That’s all for now!

Style Cards:

Pic One:
Top: ColdLogic – Flynn (Marina)
Bottoms: ColdLogic – Gassel (Brown)
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah (Natural)
Hair: fri.day – Tatum 2 (Jealous Red)
Shoes: G*Field – Sophie (Teal)
Jewelry: Mandala – Pearl Rain season 2 (Blue)
Nails: Synthetique – Color Tactics (Red) (Soon to be released)

Pic Two:
Top: ColdLogic – Andersen (yellows)
Bottoms: ColdLogic – Brooks (blue)
Skin:  Glam Affair – Leah (Natural)
Hair: Boon – BOTA76 (Chestnut)
Shoes: G*Field – Alex (Fat pack)
Jewelry: Mandala – Pearl Rain season 2 (Blue)
Nails: Synthetique – Ultimate French Collection