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 Chat Noir: *CN* pose_1754_2a [2ndLevel]

 Addams - Donatella Dress [New - In Store]
 AMD: Ballerina High Lace Heels - White [New - In Store]
 Tableau Vivant \\ Giselle add-on - Browns [Kustom9]

 *AvaWay* Pearl Strand with diamond
 +Spellbound+ Spooky Salon // Sugar High
 [MANDALA]Pearl-Rain-Season3 (WHITE)
 **RE** Luxy Rings - Vista Bento

 Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
 [Buzz] Serenity Eyes - Siren
 Swallow: Shiny Ear
 DeeTaleZ: Gwendoline (Mixedtype)

 White Star Airfield


We all fall sometimes. It’s our willingness to get up and try again, that makes the difference. And you know… Sometimes the outfit picks the picture.


There are two days left of the 2ndLevel event for the February round. When I saw this pose from serendipity I’d been wanting to use it, and have been waiting for an opportunity. Something to note about the pose is that I flipped my body upside down for the picture. So if you use this pose, your body will be flipped, unless you turn it.

Pose: Serendipity - the dream (2) [2ndLevel Event]
 Addams - Lady Denim Short [New - In Store]
 Addams - Natalie Bra Metal [New - In Store]
 Addams - Natalie Panty Metal [New - In Store]
 PHEDORA / Swan heels
 (Yummy) Crystal Bow Ring - Silver
 (Yummy) Pave Heart Earring - Silver - White
 (Yummy) Secondhand Necklace (Hud Enabled)
 (Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Ring - Classic Ivory
 (Yummy) Unicorn Nameplate - Silver
 Riske - Queen Bee Bracelet Silver
 WarBug Goggles - Small Strap
 [ kunst ] - Dayton Watch
 [Buzz] Moka Eyes - Ice
 Swallow - Shiny Ear
 Tableau Vivant \\ Side pony & locks - Browns
 Catwa - Catya
 Vista - ProHands
 Izzie's - Face & Body Dirt & Mud
 Deetalez - Gwendoline (Mixedtype)
Sim: Junktown

Don’t you love when you have a really good customer service experience in SL? I want to send a special shout out to Izzie Button of Izzie’s. I purchased Izzie’s – Face & Body Dirt & Mud to wear for this photo. For the life of me I couldn’t get it to apply to my vista hands. Turns out I had the tattoo turned off on the vista hands (hud). She got back to me quickly and helped me sort through the problem. Amazing customer service. I was able to get it sorted, and use the product in the way I intended.

Gallery Preview – Crucifixion.

I mentioned that it was a fantastic experience making all of the photos from my current gallery exhibit “Paraphilia” being held in the Dominion Art Gallery, at The Dominion Femdom. This is my second installment in my weekly talk on this exhibit.

Today’s photo took me a long time to take. Not the picture itself, not the set up or getting the models. I was a bit squeamish about the portrayal of this kink. Religion can be such a polarizing topic. Playing with God can be like kissing fire. Sounds hot… but oh the burn.

Here is a complete version of “Crucifixion”, you can see it better at the exhibit, alongside 8 other interesting fetishes. ♥


It was problematic for me in a few ways.  It’s not one of my interests, personally (not God play) so I had to think about what made it sexy to others.  It’s not an uncommon kink, really.  A lot of people incorporate different types of worship into their play.  And even religion itself is not uncommon, probably because of it being so taboo.  I really had to consider how to represent the kink in a way that was more elegant than crass.  My models were wonderful, and while it took me a few weeks to work myself up to actually taking the picture, once I did, the process itself was a lot of fun.


Cross Pose: { V }alor Photography & Poses
The Angel: Del May Poses – Cant Reach Toes #2
The Nun: ZZANG – The Lean 007

Towel: [NOCHE] Shower Towel White
Whip marks
Lingerie: Addams – Elizabeth (White, Full Set)
Lingerie: Addams – Elizabeth Corset (Black)
Wings: Bare Rose – Bento Basic Wings (White)


Gallery preview – Puppy Play.

It was a fantastic experience developing, setting up, and processing all of the photos from my current gallery exhibit “Paraphilia” being held in the Dominion Art Gallery, at The Dominion Femdom.  Weekly for the time the exhibit is open I will be sharing bits and pieces and talking a little bit the exhibit and the process.

Here is a censored version of “Animal Play” featuring what is commonly known as “Puppy Play”, you can see the uncensored version in its full glory at the exhibit, alongside 8 other fascinating fetishes. ♥


All of the photos in the exhibit were taken in or just outside of the Mansion on The Dominion sim.  The lush atmosphere, and muted neutral tones with the stark black & white is something that really really appealing to me visually, and for this series, it was a very personal choice.

For a lot of the pictures I used clothing or props that I had been hanging onto for a long time, just waiting for a reason to use them appear. The Addams bodysuit was an old Epiphany item, that finally got it’s day in the sun, and used from my inventory.

In the puppy play picture, I wanted a larger male AV as the ‘puppy boy’ and it just happened that someone showed up that fit that description really well.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the series, and was the most fun to shoot with all the laughing and banter going on with everyone in the room.

Pose: Posetry – Gee Up!
Bodysuit & Gloves: Addams – Marion (Green Rubber)
Boots: Phedora – Mackenzie
Crop: Elymode – Riding Crop





Oh no!

Oh no!

Post featuring poses from the: 2ndLevel

Skirt: Addams // Sonia Pleated Skirt w/Panties (Black)
Skates: *CK* – snowflake ice skates
Hair: Moon. Hair. // The Caterpillar [Luxebox]
Earmuffs: =Zenith=Bow earmuffs (Black) [Kustom9]
Bracelet: Benjaminz – Skywalker – BRACELET (SILVER) [Limit8]
Watch: Benjaminz – Skywalker – WATCH- (SILVER) [Limit8]
Nails: e.marie // NAILS (Brrr)
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes (Fjord)
Ears: Swallow Shiny Ear
Applier: DeeTaleZ – Gwendoline

Shirt: Deadwool – Henley shirt
Pants: Deadwool – Worn Out Jeans
IceSkates: N00082 – Ice Skates – marketplace.secondlife.com/fr-FR/stores/58355
Hair: *Drot* – ELLIOT
Earrings: Modus Forsaken earrings
Rings: MANDALA – SINRA Rings

Pose: Black Cats Poses Ice skating 2 at the 2ndLevel




Dress: Addams – Carolina Mesh Wool Dress – (Rhapsody)
Shoes: Addams – Mesh Rain Boots – (Black)
Coat: Addams – Virginia Mesh Wool Coat – (Dark Night)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Solana Windblown Mesh Hair (Browns)
Rings: .BF. Marrie Set (Silver)
Nails: e.marie // NAILS
Watch: [ kunst ] – Dayton Watch [F]
Eyes: [Buzz] Moka Eyes (Ice)
Ears: Swallow – Shiny Ear
Applier: DeeTaleZ – Gwendoline (mixedtype)

Sim: One Caress

Safe & Sound.

Safe & Sound.


Dress: Addams – Maria Hoodie Dress – (Swamp) [New – In Store]
Legwarmers: Addams – Nuria LegWarmers (High) – (Swamp) [New – In Store]
Tights: .::Nanika::. Arlie tights [TLC]
Necklace: EF: Apprize Charm Necklace [Enchantment]
Ring: TABOU. Thunder Ring (silver)- L
Ring: [MANDALA]SINRA Rings Season3- R
Nails: titzuki : bijou nails (darks)
Hair: TRUTH – Deja (Browns) [Group Gift – Nov.]
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ear
Applier: League – Ella (Pale) [New – In Store]
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Industrial

Pose: Grafica – sed iii

Sim: Fall Trace

Chim Chim Cher-ee

Chim Chim Cher-ee//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

I love when I find sims where I am inspired to take photos. Normally, it’s the other way around… I have a look and am looking for a place to photograph it. When I first happened across Elysium city of Templemore I was impressed. I felt right away, I wanted to do a “Mary Poppins” inspired photo there. This is the first, in what will surely be a series.


Top: Addams – Ronson (White)
Skirt: Dead Dollz – Octavia (White)
Corset: Sugar – Jezabel Underbust Corset (Red)
Hair: Truth – Cerys (Browns)
Hat: Lode – Winter Anemone (White/Pink)
Necklace/Bracelet: Swallow – Elizabeth
Rings: Kibitz – Milan (L), Miry (R)

Suit: Kauna Suit – XIV Tweed Suit Twill Grey
Shoes: Kauna – Oxfords (Black)
Hair: Elua – Zion (Black)

Pose: Thrust – With You

Sim: Elysium City of Templemore




Top: Mai Bilavio – Bandeau Top (Navy) [Kustom9]
Jacket: LeP – Slouchy Denim Jacket (light) [Kustom9]
Jeans: Addams – Skeleton Skinny Jeans (Night Blue)
Shoes: Pure Poison – Arya Sandals [Kustom9]
Hair: Little Bones – Zelda (Brunette) [Hair Fair]

Sim: Netherwood

Tell me true.

Tell me true.


Top: Addams – Felix (Vanilla)
Shorts: Addams – Marisa (Fire)
Shoes: Empire – Crocus
Hair: Entwined – Alison (Dark Browns)
Bracelet: Riske – Queen Bee