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Ever been framed?


Seems like everywhere you go in SL there is drama to be had. This one said this… That one said that… Another one denies it all. My goodness. Flickr, FB, SL have all been rife with it lately. Pass the blame, point your finger, so forth and so on. It’s so easy to ignore personal responsibility in a virtual setting. For my own part I am no better, not that I engage, because I do try not to. But I’ll admit to grabbing the popcorn and sometimes, as a guilty pleasure… Enjoying the show. You ever do that?

 .miss chelsea. Nyla Shirt Maitreya Army [Uber]
 :V.e. Helene Pencil Skirt MAITREYA Noir
 #EMPIRE - Jamesia - Maitreya
 Tableau Vivant \\ Cinderella (Browns)
 Ariskea [Black Dahlia] Black Glasses
 Astralia - Galaxy Nails&Rings (Ring finger Crown) [Arcade]
 Astralia - Moon Shine Nails (Vista bento)
 (r)M Pared-Down Ring (L Midi Index, L Midi Middle, R Pinky)
 **RE** Raven Watch A - Female
 [kunst] - Garthwen bracelet / black
 Ysoral - .:Luxe Ring Lynna 8
 Cae :: Queen of Hearts :: Earring
 Headband 3
 [Buzz] Moka Eyes - Ice
 Swallow - Shiny Ear
 DeeTalez - Gwendoline (mixedtype)
 Amara Beauty - Matte lipstick pallet
Pose: Chat Noir - 1711 Bentohand (2a)
Sim: One Caress

Fault Line.

Fault Line.//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


Dress: Candydoll – Isaria (Pale Rose) [Collabor88]
Hair: Elua – Stella
Watch: Kunst – Dayton Watch
Bracelet L: Secrets – Princess Bracelet
Bracelet R: Amala – The Air Balloon Bracelet
Rings: Yummy – Crown Rings [Arcade]
Necklace: Ama – Dream Bigger [Liaison Collaborative]
Puppy – Black Bantam – Dalmatian [Limited 8]

Pose: Imeka – Chaconnee 8

Sim: Winter Moon




Dress: Kitja – Fam shirt Dress (Navy) [UBER]
Overskirt: Kitja – Fam Skirt (Navy) [UBER]
Shoes: Empire – Columbine [Group Gift]
Hair: Exile – Cold (Browns) [Arcade]
Watch: Kunst – Dayton Watch
Pose: Belle Poses – Mariana 5

Sim: Apple Fall

Fair opens with Style and Flair!

Hello Everyone! I’ve been working on a HUGE post for you the last few days.  I hope you will enjoy it.  I was so impressed by this new event, that I wanted to give it and the creators some good time and space.

A new monthly event called Fair has just opened.  It’s being brought to the grid by Chic Management SL, the same group which brings events like the Vintage Fair and the popular With Love, Again Hunt.

“On September 22nd CHIC Management will open the doors to its new monthly event. The event will focus on a theme of time, each designer being inspired by one of the 24 hours in a day.  After September the event will open on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Each month we will try to include clothing, poses, mens products, skins, hair, furnishings, jewelry and hopefully one day shoes too, so that there is a broad range of product types.” via the Chic Management Website.


Apple May’s sizzling “Men’s Shirt” for ladies is a great way to open any event!  This is so sexy, I really didn’t want to take it off. Tromp Loeil’s Morning Light Cupboard bed is just a stunning must have piece of furniture.  It comes in either a PG or Adult version, and the animations are smooth and well done.  As a bonus, the textures match some of the Baroque Benches from the Arcade Gatcha Event also going on now.


Baiastice has long been one of my favorite designers.  The Perla Tops and Diane capri style trousers are sophisticated and clean, the colors are all beautiful, I had such a hard time choosing.


This Purple Moon dress is so beautiful it has to have two pictures (It could be a blog entry on its own!) called Meryl it is sleek, feminine, sexy, and just gorgeous. I’m sure I could find about 30 more fitting adjectives but you get the idea!


I don’t normally show the backside of outfits, but I just loved how the picture came out.  And doing photos of gowns is not my strong point, even as much as I love to wear them.


Valentina E Couture has some of the best flair.  Each new style brings something unexpected and interesting.  This checkered taxi dress is no exception.  I love the high neckline and the detail of the side slit pockets being slightly open is unusual, adding more drama to this fun dress!

*Style Cards*

  • Outfit One:
    Shirt: Apple May – His Place (Classic White) (Fair)
    Lingerie: Blow Pop – Yvette (White)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
    Hair: Truth – Guinevere (Jupiter) (NEW!)
    Socks: Maitreya – Scrunched Socks
    Jewelry: Tresor – Heart Toggle Necklace & Bracelet (Silver)
    Glasses: GOS – Intuition
    Nails: Synthetique – Cotton Candy
  • Outfit Two:
    Top: Baiastice – Perla (Pistakio) (Fair)
    Pants: Baiastice – Diane Cropped Trousers (Pistakio) (Fair)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
    Hair: Exile – She’s So Mean (Rust) (NEW!)
    Jewelry: Maubray – Ari Studded Gold Cuff (pink beads) (Arcade)
    Glasses: GOS – Intuition
    Shoes: N-Core – Lulu (Black)
    Nails: Synthetique – Cotton Candy
  • Outfit Three:
    Dress: Purple Moon – Meryl (Peach) (Fair)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
    Hair: D!va – Manon Type A (Garnet)
    Necklace – Tresor – Heart Toggle necklace (Gold)
    Shoes – N-Core – Lulu (Black)
    Nails: Synthetique – Cotton Candy
  • Outfit Four:
    Dress: Valentina E – Taxi Dress (Checkered) (Fair)
    Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
    Hair: CaTwa – Amanda (Firered)
    Ring: Shakeup – Vintage Ring 19 (Arcade)
    Earrings: U&R Dogs – Daphnis (Fair)
    Stole: Schadenfreude – Foxy Stole (Black) (Arcade)
    Boots: Slink – Leather Thigh High Boots (Black)
    Nails: Synthetique – Cotton Candy