Blogging Second Life


Feel like sometimes, you just need to take a breath.


It was really very busy last weekend, getting the new gallery show off the ground, but the result was fantastic, and I’ll be posting about it more this week. Now I can go back to doing what I find relaxing. Taking photos, dressing up my avatar, and just being a general goofball.

Pose: *CN* (Chat Noir) pose_1701 (6a) [2ndLevel]

 Dress: Blueberry - Piki Dress [New - In store]
 Shoes: #EMPIRE - Watsonia [not shown]
 Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Long pigtails - Browns 1
 Ring 1: (Yummy) Crystal Bow Ring - Silver
 Ring 2: (Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Ring - Classic Ivory
 Ring 3: EF: Communique Ring v2.0
 Earring: (Yummy) Pave Heart Earring - Silver - White
 Necklace 1: (Yummy) Secondhand Necklace [N21]
 Necklace 2: (Yummy) Unicorn Nameplate - Silver
 Necklace 3: Amala - The Savage Necklace
 Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ear 
 Head: Catwa - Catya
 Tableau Vivant - Cinderella HB Browns [Enchantment]
 Deetalez - Gwendoline (Mixedtype)

Sim: Neverfar

This round of the 2ndLevel event is really good.  And while I am an official blogger for the event, I’m really into poses, so this is an event that I would also shop the heck out of.  I’ve really appreciated the quality of the poses this month, and the added designers are even better than before.  It’s a great little event.  I might have been holding out for the Maitreya update for the hands… and changed my mind and bought the vista ones cause I saw all these bento poses.  Totally laughing at myself.  Don’t even care.

A little product plug… I just saw a post on FB the other day asking what our favorite jewelry was in SL. I have a lot of them, but I’m one of those people that likes to wear the same thing for a while. I find something I really like, and don’t want to take it off. For me, I think one of the main brands of jewelry that I keep going back to over and over… is Yummy. I just love the styles, the metals, the fit, the quality, the price on most items is pretty reasonable. And I’m not a blogger for the brand, it’s just a personal preference. If you haven’t tried anything from them, they would be one that I would say is in my top 5 picks.


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