Blogging Second Life


Listening to what is going on around you can be like trying to swim through virtual static.


Sometimes I have these moments where so much is going on that I can’t seem to focus on anything. Too many people trying to have a voice at the same time and I’m just hearing static. Ever have one of those days? Overwhelmed by everything, and nothing seems to get done!

Trousers: ED. Narcotic Dope Pant (Sand) [Shiny Shabby]
 Boots: ED. Narcotic Dope (Black) [Shiny Shabby]
 Top: Mimikri - Tank Top / Vega gold
 Hair: TRUTH - JoJo [+Hat] [UBER]
 Necklace: MINIMAL - Doutzen Necklace -Silver
 Necklace: Cae :: Lovebirds :: [Cosmopolitan]
 Ring: (Yummy) Crystal Bow Ring - Silver
 Bracelet: Benjaminz - Skywalker (SILVER)
 Watch: Benjaminz - Skywalker (SILVER)
 Eyes: ZORA - LOLA EYES - 01
 Nails: e.marie - NAILS (Glitter Ombre)
 Applier: DeeTaleZ - Gwendoline (mixedtype)

Pose: Reel Poses - Pack 11 (05)
 Sim: The wastelands

Something to note, if you’ve never been to The Wastelands (It’s like 9 or 10 sims) it’s been there forever. At least 8 or 9 years in SL that I know of. It’s a really cool place, with loads of places to rezz stuff, you can take all the photos you like there, and the thing I love most about it, is the way it’s ever-changing. It’s a series of Post-Apoc RP sims, though RP is not required to hang out there.


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