Blogging Second Life


Spring is coming, in so many ways.


It’s nearing the end of January, spring is in my sights, the promise of growth and warmth. Of course all growth happens with some struggle. As I grapple with the things around me that need my attention and focus, I try to remain positive and look forward to the end results, which will be better for my life all around. A boss I once had in RL told me that one of the things she appreciated about me was my ‘indomitable spirit’ that even in the face of hardship I can see the light and remain optimistic. And that is where I choose to be. Through the struggle, I shall bloom.

 Jeans: SPIRIT - Paola jeans (blue)[UBER]
 Sweater: SPIRIT - Paola sweater (blue)[UBER]
 Hair: TRUTH - JoJo w/wisps (Light browns) [UBER]
 Glasses: BALACLAVA!! - Mikael Glasses (Pink-Promo)[TMD][FREEBIE]
 Piercing: Schadenfreude Heart Dermal Piercing, la baiseuse
 Sneakers: TETRA - Air Sneakers (Rose)[Kustom9]

Pose: Custom by Aei.
Applier: DeeTaleZ – Gwendoline (Mixedtype)
Prop: MSD – Abandoned Tractor Garden – Renegade Squirrels

*Special Note* I want to send a huge THANK YOU to Balaclava. They didn’t have to give an actual product as a demo, and of course, I wouldn’t always want to wear pink glasses (the point of them being pink!) but they chose to do so. It’s really super cool when designers do that. And I don’t wear glasses a lot, but you can bet I went back to TMD and bought the fat pack (only 200L). And while I know not everyone will do that, it’s my own special way to say “thank you” and support your art.


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