Blogging Second Life


When things seem off, or you’re not feeling well, do you have your own special sanctuary?


For me my sanctuary has always been in my imagination.  Books, writing, creating. Though recently I’ve been pretty under the weather.  Tough to get going, tough to stay moving, sleeping an extraordinary amount.  I’m not feeling as resilient as I normally would be against all the bumps in the road.  I know I’m getting better, but it’s too slow. I just want to feel like me again.

 Dress: :V.e. Alexa Ensemble (Navy) [MBA]
 Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fire [Epiphany]
 Watch: Benjaminz - Skywalker (SILVER)
 Eyes: ZORA - LOLA EYES - 01
 Piercing: Schadenfreude Heart Dermal Piercing, la baiseuse
 Nails: e.marie - NAILS (Glitter Ombre)
 Applier: DeeTaleZ - Gwendoline (mixedtype)

Pose: An Lar – Zara (One M)


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