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The People of Hazardous

Many residents of Second Life have some sim that they enjoy, hang out in, that captures the imagination. Sims come and go, popularity waxes and wanes. What is more rare, is a sim that has longevity and staying power. A sim that brings with it its own culture, own sense of self and belonging. To me, Hazardous is such a sim.

Its motto: “Dream infinitely….. remain fearless…..seek Hazardous adventures.”


You might know Hazardous as the home sim of the furniture/landscaping shop “We’re Closed” High quality, beautiful textures… for which the Hazardous sim is the perfect showcase. We can often see places used as backdrops in SL photography. What we don’t always notice is the human element. The people that hang out, use, enjoy, and otherwise make their home. I invite you to meet and experience some of the wonderful people, who call Hazardous “Home.”

Where do you hang?

So here I bring to you the human element. The People of Hazardous.


the Souls♫Tнε Sσυʟƨ♫

I hang out at Hazardous. It’s an awesome sim. And has its own sort of ‘cast’ of individuals that have made it their home away from home. I see this couple, nearly every day. And they dance together at this sim. It makes me smile to see them. And if you hang out at Hazardous, you know who they are, even if you’ve never spoken to them. I asked if they had a song, and I’ve shared it above, if you’d like to share in it with them.


Joan ♫Jօმղ♫

Joan is an interesting eclectic fellow, with a hundred avis. He showed me many of them, but not the zombie, as he didn’t want to have to eat my brains. I’m thankful for that. He’s shared a song with you all, posted above, if you would like to share it with him. I once followed him around the sim racing on BMX bikes.  He’s a far better driver than I am…  I drove off the bridge!



Aj is the sim troll. He’s like the wal*mart greeter with attitude. The first time I met him… I muted him. And now, it’s all cool, turns out he’s a fun dude. He often chats with everyone, and runs about on a mission to engage. If you catch him right, he might even be pretty awesome to shoot the shit with. His toon is up top, and it’s a pretty good listen.


Amarus ♫Δϻλгυs♫

Amarus is a guy that has been coming to the sim for around three years. He says that he just loves to sit and do his thing, and that the sim to him is peace. Each person has a story. He’d like to share some sort of porn music with you…



Matthew is the “witty conversationalist” type, fast with a comeback, and willing to engage with anyone at their level. He makes Hazardous his home away from home, where he often stands around doing his thing. He seems to be pretty good at it too. He’s shared a really cool song with you all (above), I hope you’ll give it a listen.


Sei ♫Sei♫

Sei… What to say about this guy. Of everyone in the photo-series he is the only one to pick the very bottom of the sim for his favorite spot. He is like a little brother to me. I’ve met so many nice people on this sim. And he is definitely one of them.

Aeianna: Sei?
Sei: Aei?
Aeianna: You know that big stick isn’t going to help you catch that pokemon on your head…
Sei: @$#&%

He’s shared a lovely tune with you all, it’s above, I hope you will give it a listen.



Caren is an extraordinarily polite individual. She even was patient while I crashed several times trying to take her picture. She likes to come to Hazardous and sit and work on her shop stuff before she goes to bed. CJ Creations, is her shop. It’s always fun to see where people feel most at “home” on this sim. She’s shared a beautiful song above, if you care to listen.


Aeianna ♫Aeιαɴɴα♫

I am Aeianna. I make photos. And right now, I’m working on the story of Hazardous. This became my “home” when I came back to SL. Lost at first, trying to find my way, I came to someplace that has always been magical and familiar to me. And here, I have met some amazing individuals. Above is my song. I hope you will share it with me.



Last but not least is Dingo. He owns the sim which many of us use and enjoy every day. He very nicely spend a long time chatting with me about it. I found out some really interesting things. “Hazardous was never meant to be a public sim” he told me. That it is completely built from the ground up with every texture done from scratch. This is different from many of the current sims today, and is probably (in my opinion) one of the things that gives the sim its nearly ethereal staying power. The bottom portion where we spend our time, is less than 3000 LI for its entirety. It’s simply beautiful, and has always been beautiful. And while it’s been around for several years, it does not appear to be dated at all.

Taxi to Hazardous


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