Blogging Second Life

Casual Sunday…

Sundays tend to be pretty laid back for me.  Casual clothes, hanging out in a comfortable place, enjoying friends, going to discussion events.  If you’re a fan of 50L Fridays…  you might have seen these great sandals from Pure Poison.  Totally my pick of the week.



Another really great shop on the 50L tour was Consignment and Valiant.  The item they had isn’t shown here, but the fantastic chair I am sitting on is from them.  Great animations, beautiful textures and oh so perfect for my land!  (Oh…  and Dante…  I got the adult ones, you can totes come over and borrow them, it’s cool.)

The Look:

Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith (America)
Hair: Boon – YNO421 (Chestnut – Recolored)
Bangs: Boon – GURA21 (Chestnut – Recolored)
Top: Coco – Ruffle Shirt (White)
Bottoms: Maitreya – Slim Boyfriend Jeans (Dark)
Necklace: tea.s – Eden’s Necklace (Silver)
Watch: Mandala – Sitennoah
Glasses: [GOS] – Intuition
Shoes: Pure Poison – Lisa Sandals (Slink feet required!)
Feet: Slink – Women’s Natural Bare Feet


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