Blogging Second Life

Steampunk couture meets Second Life.

My Steam dreams…  being realized.

So…  This is my first post at Miss Fatale Couture!  I’m so excited to join the beautiful fashion forward crew that runs this blog!

I love, love, love steampunk.   Mostly in SL….  designs of quality in this style are lacking.  My excitement over finding this designer, this dress is palpable.  Seriously.  I was pleasantly surprised to find such quality with such a low price tag.  The designer is UnDone and their recent mesh releases are of remarkable quality.  As of today, the dress is on sale with a mega-hud for color change options for 199L.

The Outfit and SLurls:

Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith 
Hair: Exile – Dream of Paradise
Dress: Undone – Steampunk Dress
Necklace 1: Mandala – Rushana  
Necklace 2: Mandala – Pearl Rain Season 2 (Cream)  
Necklace 3: MG – Clockwork Steampunk   
Bracelet R: Mandala – Pearl Rain Season 2 (Cream) 
Bracelet L: Mandala – Sitennoah    
Ring R: Epoque – Metal Petal Ring 
Ring L: Pure Poison – Ruby Cross Rings 
Earrings: Mandala – Luck Earrings 
Hair pin: Mandala – Kimono head Accessory  
Monocle: Air – George  
Socks: Maitreya – Scrunched Prim socks 
Shoes: Nardcotix – Zoe Platform (Monochrome)   
Make up: Corvus – Fighter Eyeshadow  
Tattoo: Para Designs – Timeless    


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