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Alice Project @ Zodiac!

So… I have been talking about this hair. This awesome, brilliant, beautiful perfect hair from Alice Project. This is the very best thing at Zodiac this round for me (and boy are there some killer finds!) This hair is worth its own blog post.


It’s truly my current favorite, I hate to take it off. Love the bangs, love the textures, love the flow of it. Alice Project has one of the best hud systems for changing the colors as well, and I really appreciate that you get naturals and wild colors with streak options for one price, it really makes this hair not only great, but also a kick ass value for your lindens.  Where else are you going to get a hair this good, with this many options for this price?


While we’re here, we should show off these mesh hands from Slink.  They are really cute, you can buy individual gestures, or different packs to mix and match.  I bought the fat pack, because…  well I couldn’t have just one.  They did take me a while to match to my skin, so be warned you will need to have a little patience. But once they are a match, they are lovely.

Style Card:

Hair: Alice Project – Steph (Infinity)
Hands: Slink – Meshed Rigged Hands
Catsuit: Graves – G210 Defense (White)
Glasses: GOS – Intuition
Jewelry: Mandala – Milky Way (Poly White)


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