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Synthetique & Corset Quest (Freebs!)

*Warning* Some content below may be considered NSFW

So right now across the Femdom Network is a hunt where you can get 5 really sexy corsets for free!  Shown below are two of them.  Also included in the hunt are some shoes, latex, poses and you still only have to find the five bags!  Great little hunt!  Now these are adult sims, so you do have to be verified to visit.  Shown below are two of the hunt corsets:

This is for a very limited time.  July 20th-24th. So if you’re interested in these freebies, you need to be fast.

*New* From Synthetique!  The next in the line of the Color Tactics Series has just been released.  The Brights.  These are 15 bright shades of nail-polish not to be missed.  If you haven’t tried Synthetique nails, they are simply the best mesh nails on the grid.  And one of the coolest things is that any Synthetique hud will work on any Synthetique nails.  So you never need to take the nails off, just simply choose the hud that has the color you want!  It’s brilliant.

Right now for a limited time you can get a free pair of Synthetique nails in Red09 at the store.  It’s a great way to try these nails in a color that can be worn with most anything.

Taxi to Synthetique

Information on the Corset Quest:

Hunt for 5 sexy MESH corsets across the best Femdom organizations in Second Life during the International Femdom Day CORSET QUEST, July 20 – 24, 2012. Just visit each of the participating femdom organizations and hunt for the little purple bag to find the corsets. Six sizes are included with each design. Make sure to grab them all! LMs to each location included below.

What is International Femdom Day?

International Femdom Day is an annual event that falls on July 24th.  The purpose is to celebrate female domination and female led relationships. Parties, discussions, and other events take place online and off, all across the world.  Make sure to visit The Femdom Network official blog for info on how our Second Life Femdom’s will be marking the day at http://femdomnetwork.blogspot.com



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