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Culture Shock – Echo

What is it about this turquoise or aqua blue this season?!  I can not stop buying this color!  Everything is so fresh and beautiful.  I think 75% of everything I bought so far at the Culture Shock event was some version of this gorgeous color.  And this mesh dress from Echo is no exception.  I put this on, and felt like it was made for me.  The fit is perfect.  The shape, movement and texturing flawless.

I had never been to the Echo store before so after putting this beauty on, I ran over and purchased a few more items.  I haven’t tried them on yet…  So maybe they’ll be a later blog post!  I think I may have to go back to culture shock and buy this again…  in every other color.

If you’re as big into this color as I am right now, you’ll totally want to pick up the Season 2 Rain set from Mandala in ‘Salt blue’ it seems to go with a lot of variants of this seasons hot pallet and is something else I can’t manage to take off!

Style Card:
Dress: Echo -Madrigal (Teal)  Only at Culture Shock!
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah (Natural)
Hair: Exile – All I am (Rust)
Jewelry: Mandala – Rain Season 2 (Salt Blue)
Shoes: G*Field – Alex (Turqoise – Patent pack)


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