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Hunter or hunted?

So last night I went to this great themed dance at my favorite hangout place “The D.” It was The Vampire Ball (each week has a different theme.) So as I started putting together my outfit I had to decide was I going to be a vampire or a vampire hunter?

Now some people like to buy complete costumes off of the marketplace, or in shops, which is cool.  But I’m the type that likes to start from the ground up.  In my search for something hot and yet fitting the theme I dropped by Bare Rose.  They have a whole wall of mesh!  Who Knew?!  Now Bare Rose is an awesome place to find really original and well made clothing dirt cheap.  RP’ers and fans of Cosplay have known this for years.  This mesh open shirt could be worn in a lot of ways, not just for a party.

Style Card:

Shirt: Bare Rose – Open Shirts
Shorts: League – Frayed Denim (black)
Bra: Blow Up – Yvette (Black)
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah (Contesina)
Hair: LOQ – Brownie (Jet Black)
Belt: Pepper – Andavi (Black)
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – All from the Midnight Silver Treasure Box!
Nails: MStyle – Perfect Longest Nails (Red)
Tattoo: Para Designs – Tatsu (Medium)
Make-up –
Eyesshadow: Nuuna’s – V3 (No 9)
Eyeliner: A&M – Black Eyeliner (Excessive pack, Feline)
Lipstick: Glam Affair – Layla (Risque)
Boots: L&B – Lace up platform boots (Brushed black)
Thigh Strap: DRD – vampire hunter


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