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Today’s the big day! Pose Fair!

As a blogger, photographer and pose addict…  the Pose Fair makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.  I don’t make poses, and I have literally *thousands* of them in my inventory.  When I say addict…  I mean I am a pose makers dream customer.  The Pose Fair opens in just a few hours (Noon SLT) and I thought I would share a couple more of my favorite finds…

This set is called “Hot for Teacher” and it’s made by Pulling Strings.  It comes with the desk, blackboard and 3 props – The ruler, the book and a hand held apple (not shown).  This set includes it’s own shadows and is really well made.  It has three poses in the desk.  Very fun set which could be used as both a photo prop and for some very umm…  interesting RP.  It’s one of my personal top ten favorites from the pose fair.

This pose is called “Valentine” and it’s by Miamai.  They have a number of really good couples poses.  I remember seeing this on someone’s flickr stream some time ago and loving it.  When I saw it at the pose fair, I had to have it.  I couldn’t pose alone, so I grabbed the closest boy and batted my eyelashes at him until he acquiesced (ok that’s not what really happened, it was more like “Hey, c’mere and hop on the blue ball…”) But he’s cute, so it’s all good.

Keep your eyes on the stream!  More Pose Fair goodies heading this way from both Maci and I!

Style Card:

Joie (Both pics)
Shirt & Jacket: Cold Logic – Lepore (Greens)
Pants: Cold Logic – Lepore (Greens)
Skin: Glam Affair – Leah (Natural)
Hair: [e] –  Caramel (Red08)
Shoes: Purrfect10 – Florence (Autumn Brass)
Nails: Sythetique – Ultimate French Collection

Pulling Strings – Hot for Teacher
Miamai – Valentine


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