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March Mesh Madness… is “MMM” Good!

So if you haven’t been to the March Mesh Madness event, you’re missing great new releases from GOS, Jane, ColdLogic, Maxie Gossamer, Weather, Rustica, Organica and many, many more.  The sim is set up in a very simple easy to follow pattern and with very clean lines, it’s bright and made with good colors. All of which to added to the shopping experience for me.  (So big thank you to the designer/coordinator!)

Word has it that Maci is going to be sharing some incredible Mesh hotness from the MMM event sometime later today…  Should be a great post, and I for one, can’t wait!

*Complaint warning*
As SL Events go, it is laggy, and busy.  These things are to be expected at events generally, and not worth complaining about.  BUT… I wish more events would have a script rule where you had to be wearing 60 scripts or less (like the sins event was) because the amount of rude and/or clueless people I encountered on both my visits to MMM was astounding.  I have to wonder if people realize that being covered in flexi, carrying a prim child, wearing your talking pregnancy hud and being a blingtard can effect the sim load, and the level of lag.  *sighs*  Personally, I try to do my part and take off most of my huds, wear static hair, scriptless shoes and a plain t-shirt and jeans.  My opinion is that if you can’t bear to be seen without your gigantic curly flexi hair and your ball gown, then wait until the event is nearly over and the sim is no longer packed.  Ok enough!  Off of my soapbox.  *End Complaint*

So…  On to a couple of quick goodies!

Spring is on it’s way here in the states, and Jane is sending us some adorable mesh goodness!  This dress called “Kelsey” (Shown in quarry) comes in a number of colors and is simply sweet.  I kept the look pared down, but this would be really cute with a scarf!  For the shoes I went with G*Field “Alex” in Icy Blue Suede.

 It’s all about the boots baby!  GOS has released a fab new boot called “Triumph” (Shown here in the up position, color Massai with the Burberry lining).  When you buy the boots they come in rigged and unrigged.  If you want to wear one boot up and one boot folded over, in the down position (not shown), you will need to unpack the unrigged version.  The hud for the rigged version is easy to use, and hopefully we’ll see some add on features (like more ribbon colors?!) added in the future.

*Style Cards*
Picture 1
Dress: Jane – Kelsey (quarry)
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen (Petal)
Hair: Boon – TUN247 (Chestnut – colored to match my Amacci hairbase)
Shoes: G*Field – Alex (Icy Blue)
Nails: Love Soul – Long (Glitter – Lime)
Earrings: Rozoregalia – Narciccus

Picture 2
Boots: GOS – Triumph (Massai with the Burberry lining)
Shirt: ColdLogic – Clark (Blue)
Jeans: L.inc – Tyra (Washed Blue)
Skin: Curio – Ice Queen (Petal)
Hair: Boon – BOTA76 & HMT436 (Chestnut – colored to match my Amacci hairbase)
Jewelry: EarthStones – Genie (Moonstone, silver)


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